Jeff York

Writer, illustrator, film critic, cat lover

I've been a writer and artist working in the world of marketing and journalism for over 25 years. My film criticism started at in 2011 and I'm now read in 27 countries. Other review stints included many years at both the Examiner online and Creative Screenwriting magazine, as well as hosting the movie podcast "Page 2 Screen" for three years. I've written screenplays that have been optioned, illustrated for many books and periodicals, and still work in the advertising world of Chicago. I'm also a proud member of the Chicago Indie Critics, the International Screenwriters Association, and SAG-AFTRA.

In search of

  • I write movie reviews over at, but here I will be concentrating on the bigger picture of Hollywood and filmmaking, writing in a more editorial style. I hope you'll find my work interesting and follow me.